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"Building your own Computer make sure the parts are compatible"

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Building your own Computer - Huntly Computers Says - Get advice first and know what your doing!

Build Your Own Computer, Why You Should Do It Now!

By Michael Quarles

Iím writing this article for those people sitting on the fence. Those asking themselves, "Should I try building a computer?"

Look at it this way. Computers are made of only eleven major parts, all of which either snap together, or plug-in. If you think you can connect just eleven items, then you can build a computer. Iím willing to argue that itís tougher to put together a bicycle at Christmas than it is to build a computer.

Youíll need a couple of screwdrivers, one flat, the other a Phillips. That is the entire toolkit. So, there will be no special equipment to purchase. Most households already have plenty of screwdrivers.

And what will you be able to build? Exactly the machine you want. You wonít have to settle for a PC with less of a graphics card than you desired, or a smaller hard drive. Youíll be freed from the standards imposed by manufacturers. The machine will have every item you want, just as you want it.

Another benefit is the knowledge you gain. I can guarantee than after you build a computer, youíll never worry about the little tricks they play again. You will be the master of the machine, not the other way around.

You may be asking yourself, "Where will I find the parts I need to build it with?"

My answer is: the same place you found this article. Right here on the internet. Do a web search for "computer parts" and just see how many suppliers there are out there. If you prefer going to a store, many of the places youíll find in your web search have walk-in locations, as well as in cyberspace.

If youíre worried about exactly how those eleven major parts fit together, there are a great many books on the subject. Iíve written one, and so have other people, and most all provide good basic instructions. Get one of fairly recent vintage, with lots of photos. Free excerpts from my book "Building a PC for Beginners" can be read at



About The Author

Mr. Quarles is the publisher of Monkey See Monkey Do Books

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You are here: Building your own Computer System