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Content rich Websites do increase Traffic

The Importance of 'Content' Rich Sites

By Mark Winter

Are you aware of how vitally important and valuable CONTENT is to your online business? In fact, content can do more to build your business and profits than just about any other resource or service available.

Following is a list of 9 key ways that content can help build your website traffic, subscribers, and customers starting today!...

1. Search Engines

Optimize your website to be search-engine friendly. Submit it to various search engines and directories.

In addition to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN, it's worth submitting to lesser known web directories. If your website is listed in as many places as possible, it can boost your rankings in major search engines as well.

2. Affiliate Program

Set up an affiliate program where you pay people a percentage of each sale for referring customers to you.

Spread the word about your affiliate program by submitting it to affiliate program directories and contacting the owners of related websites.

3. Link Exchanges

Create a links page that will contain the links to other non-competing websites in the same industry.

Contact the owners of other websites with your proposal to exchange links. You will add their link to your links page, and they will link to your website in return.

4. Post In Forums

Visit the online discussion forums where people in your target market like to gather. Post useful responses to people's questions, and include a link to your website at the end of your post next to your name.

5. Comment On Blogs

Visit other people's blogs on the topic related to your website. Most blogs allow you to add comments about the issues being discussed.

Add insightful comments about the blog topics, and leave your website link. Your comment and your link will permanently remain on the blog website.

6. E-Mail Signatures

Create an e-mail "signature" - your name, your website address and a short tagline describing the main benefit of your site. Set your e-mail program to automatically add your signature to every e-mail that you send.

7. Traffic Exchanges

There are many times of traffic exchanges but the idea is the same - you team up with other webmasters, and they send you traffic in exchange for you sending them traffic. Search the web for "traffic exchange" to find those services.

8. "Pass-Around" Strategy

Create something of value that people will pass around. It can be a report with useful information that you allow people to give away. It can also be some kind of cool and unusual webpage that people will want to e-mail to all their friends.

Of course, the pass-around item will include your advertisement and your link, spreading the word about your website.

9. Writing Articles

Write articles on the topic related to your website, and include a link to your site in your author bio. Submit your articles to article directories, and allow people to publish your article in their newsletters and websites.

Your articles will spread around the web like wildfire. People will read them and visit your website.

The best part is that people who read your articles will regard you as an expert, and they will be much more likely to buy from you when they go to your website. How's that for a free publicity? Website Design

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