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It isn't eCommerce or eMarketing it is Online Retail - Business

What We Need is Online Retail, Not ecommerce

By Rick Kuzik

We call it e-Commerce, which is another word for MARKETING, but what we need is On-line Retail, which is another word for SALES.

The most blatant flaw with today's e-Commerce "shopping cart" solution is that no one has to buy. Less than 1% of visitors to any site buy. Why? Because there is:

- no store (only a 'shopping-cart')

AND - no salesman (i.e: no relationship, no urgency)

What we need is a real, live customer shopping in EXACTLY a traditional environment, interacting with a real, live salesman.

You have already spent hours arranging your in-store product displays. So now take digital pictures of the inside of you store - exactly as it is - as if you were showing it off. You can take pictures of your whole store in LESS THAN 15 minutes - no comments, no pricing, no cataloging.

Your customer, on his computer using only a browser, surfs through your pictures - as if he was inside of your store. When he finds an item of interest, he clicks his mouse and zooms onto the item - not that one? - zoom out.

When your customer sees the item he might be interested in, he circles the item - and ...


A. Immediately the picture with the item circled is displayed on your computer.

B. The two of you can text-chat - or you can encourage him to use your toll free number so you can talk with him.

C. You take the item from the shelf and bring it to your web cam - and immediately he sees the item on his computer.

The more interaction you can have with your prospective buyer, the closer you will come to closing a deal.

Item no longer in stock? As you move to a new picture on your computer, your customer's picture on his changes to the SAME picture. When YOU circle a new item, immediately your customer sees the item circled on his computer!

Not in? The picture with the item circled is e-mailed to you so that you can follow up later.

2wayWebPages will give you the opportunity - at the time of your customer's visit - to show the item up-close and to personally interact with him ...

... and THAT leads to a sale! Website Design

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

About The Author

(c) Rick Kuzik, Owner of Web Daemon and the technology. If you would like to explore the concept of 2WayWebPages and find out just how effective this emerging technology may be... please visit

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You are here: eCommerce, eMarketing - Online Retail

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