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"Your Laptop or Netbook in most cases can be repaired"

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Professional Laptop, Netbook & Tablet Repairs

Huntly Computer Services Laptop, Netbook & Tablet Repairs service covers the areas of Banff, Macduff, Turriff, Huntly, Keith and the surrounding districts. Out with the areas mentioned customers can send their laptops to us. Please Contact us first for an assessment of the problem before you dispatch your laptop.

Before any repair work is carried out on any computer, we will give you an assessment of the work to be undertaken and the cost involved before proceeding and give you sound advice on the practicality of an affective repair.


Laptop DC Jack (Power Connector) - The little power connector on your laptop where your charger goes in, is probably one of the most tender parts of a laptop. Often the charger cable get snagged and strains the jack to breaking point. Most motherboards are not built to take any pressure at all and then snap!

If your laptop wont turn on but the charger is working, or you have to fiddle the head of the charger to power the machine you need the jack repaired.

Some repair shops will say buy a new laptop; but this little problem in most cases is easily fixed by us.

Broken or blank screen - A Broken, cracked or damaged laptop lcd computer screen, can happen very easily. The lcd screen casing and screen is very thin, light weight and very fragile. Just closing the lid down the wrong way can damage crack the lcd screen on a laptop.

The Laptop LCD screen can also fade and in some cases very quickly just go blank, sometimes this is the on-board graphics but it can also be screen failure. In most cases this is an easy cost effective laptop repair.

Overheating Laptop - The CPU is main cause of all heat in laptops and Netbooks. And if your cooling fails, your laptop or netbook is in big trouble and in some case cause the laptop to ignite.

Most times it is because the cooling fan is unable to blow air through the copper cooling fins. This is because a. The fan has stopped working or b. In the majority of cases, the copper cooling fins are blocked with a wad of dust and hair causing air to cease circulating. Get it seen to without delay before serious damage occurs.

Damaged or Non Working Laptop Keyboard -  Laptop Keyboard Keys can easily pop off by catching with a cleaning cloth for example. A lot of the time the keys can be easily clicked back onto their plastic cantilever clips if damage is excessive or parts of the keyboard are dead a replacement is normally easy to procure and replace.

Obviously there are other problems you may encounter with your Laptop,  Netbook or Tablet other than the above. If you are unsure what the problem is, or you need some advice on how to proceed please contact us for some friendly help and advice.

Note: Our Call out Rate locally ie: Huntly, Banff, Turriff, Macduff and Keith is 45. This also covers the first hour of the visit. Subsequent time spent on the call is based on 20 per half hour. Other areas in Aberdeenshire and Moray please contact us first for call out quote.

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Repalcaement Laptop DC Jack (Power Connector)

Laptop DC Jack (Power Connector)

Damaged or Cracked Laptop LCD Screen

Damaged or Cracked Laptop LCD Screen

Laptop / Netbook Cooling Fan Failure

Laptop / Netbook Cooling Fan Failure

Missing or Broken Laptop Keyboard

Missing or Broken Laptop Keyboard

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