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"email, make sure you know its delivered Message Tag it!"

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MSGTAG email tracking software

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Download MSGTAG (Message Tag) email tagging and tracking Free

Download Message Tag Email tracking and tagging program, it tracks email whether or not your email has been read. Plus many other features.


MSGTAG Email Tagging & Tracking software

Everybody loves email. It's cheap, easy and instant. But how many times do you find yourself wondering what happened to your messages? You send an email out into the Internet, then wait patiently for a reply. But will it get there? Will they read it? When will they read it? And will it be too late? Where's the reply? Are they still checking that account? Are they on holiday? Should you just wait a little longer? What's the story? 

Are they on holiday? Should you just wait a little longer? What's the story?

Message tags take the uncertainty out of email by allowing you to deliver messages, instead of just sending them. MSGTAG is a new desktop application that tells you when your emails have been received and opened. It works alongside your existing mail program, sending you an email the moment your message is viewed just to let you know. MSGTAG simply lets you know they've got the message. And it's free! So now you don't have to wonder, because you'll know. 

Message tags notify you the moment your messages are opened
When your email is viewed at its destination, MSGTAG lets you know. You receive notification from MSGTAG telling you that your message has been opened. The notification also details when the message was sent, when it was viewed, and what the delay has been in between. 

How is MSGTAG different from the read receipts you already get in Outlook and other email programs? 
Unlike traditional read receipts, MSGTAG doesn't hassle your recipient with pop-up boxes it's completely automatic and you can send tagged messages to practically any email address, including Hotmail and Yahoo addresses. 


MSGTAG works with most popular email programs, including Outlook & Outlook Express

The beauty of MSGTAG is that you don't have to change anything about the way you write or send your email. In fact you'll hardly even know it's there a small icon in your system tray is the only indication that MSGTAG is working quietly in the background. MSGTAG can be run on almost any desktop email program (including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Pegasus Mail). 
* Please note that MSGTAG is not currently available for Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL or similar services. Tagged messages may be sent to these addresses, but not from them. 

t's unobtrusive.
MSGTAG runs in the background while you send your email as usual. This means that you don't have to write your message into a strange little box, or alter email addresses before you send anything. One of the best things about MSGTAG is that your friends don't need to do anything different either. There are no annoying pop-up windows asking them to send a notification back to you all they see is a small MSGTAG footer stating that you've been notified of them having received the message. 

It's private.
MSGTAG's technology guarantees that your messages remain just as private as usual. At no stage do we ever have access to your messages - your email goes straight from you to the recipient, without passing through our servers. No storing. No peeping. No handing your email address out to anyone. For more information you can check out our comprehensive privacy policy. 

It's simple.
We've designed MSGTAG to be easy to use. Our eye-catching capsule design allows you to enable or disable tagging with one click, while our high-end version displays your tagging and notification options in an innovative roadmap format, so you can see your tagging status and select new options without trawling through screens of pull-down menus. 

MSGTAG is also a breeze to install, and can usually set itself up automatically with your mail settings.

MSGTAG Status email Tracking

MSGTAG email tracking software


Email giving you headaches? MSGTAG has the remedy. MSGTAG Free sends you email notifications when your messages are received and opened by your friends. The eye-catching MSGTAG capsule sits on your desktop or in your system tray, allowing you to enable or disable tagging with one click. Best of all, MSGTAG Free is free!

Works alongside your existing email client, so that you don't have to change the way you compose or send your messages 
Sends you email notification when your mail is received and viewed. Email receipts tell you the date and time the message was sent, the date and time that it was opened, and how long it has been in between. 

Works on all popular email clients including Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredimail, Netscape Mail, Eudora and Pegasus Mail. 
Entirely automatic with no irritating popup windows. The recipient sees a small MSGTAG footer at the end of each email so they know that you know. 
Supports attachments, inline images, and multimedia emails. 

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Version: 2.00
File size: 1.1MB
Download time:
3 minutes @ 56kbps

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Version: 2.0
File size: 1.1MB
Download time:
3 minutes @ 56kbps

MSGTAG email tracking software

Only  13.50 = $19.95 

One step up from Free, MSGTAG Plus enables you to personalize or hide your MSGTAG footer. Insert a personal greeting or signature, or simply hide it altogether.

All the features of MSGTAG Free 
Customize your footers - Add your own personal message or signature, or hide it. 
Receive unlimited email technical support. 
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