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"Download Onspeed & Get more speed from Dial-up, ISDN and ADSL Broadband"

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Download Onspeed and Increases the speed of your connection.

Increase your Dial-up internet access to near broadband speeds. Not only this, it will also significantly increase your existing broadband (ADSL) and ISDN connection speeds.  HCS have tested this and it is a truly remarkable piece of software which, gives a tremendous increase to dial-up connections, ISDN connections and ADSL (DSL) (broadband) connection speeds.

ONSPEED - The Alternative To Broadband

Transform your dialup to near broadband speeds
Increase your ISDN or Broadband speed even further
Revolutionary new technology. Easy to install simple to use
No wires, no engineers, no need to alter your PC
Works with any Internet connection in any country
No ties, from 2.99 / $4.49 / 2.99 per month
The real alternative to broadband. Why wait download?
What people say about ONSPEED?

"When so many programs claim to speed up your Net connection it's refreshing to find one that actually does it."
Internet Advisor Magazine 11th December 2003

ONSPEED has 9 patents approved on its technology and has been given the Best Buy rating from Internet Advisor magazine and a Five Star rating from the UK's leading internet title, .net magazine.

Internet Advisor Best Buy .net Best Buy - Five Stars

What is ONSPEED?

ONSPEED is the solution for millions of Internet users who are frustrated by having a slow Internet connection and is a real alternative to Broadband.

ONSPEED is a software download which utilises a unique 9 patent approved compression technology that increases your existing Internet connection speed by up to 5 times.


  • Easy to install
  • Available anywhere in the world
  • works with your existing ISP
  • A software download so there is NO need for new hardware
  • 70% of the benefits of broadband at less than a tenth of the cost
Click hear to read information on the test HCS ran using Onspeed.

ONSPEED is a British company with a large customer service team and is a sister company of Net2roam Ltd the largest Internet Roaming Provider in Europe.


Version: ONSPEED
Download time:

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Download Onspeed or view demo

Why and when do I need ONSPEED?

ONSPEED has been invented to speed up any Internet connection, whether you use it at home on the move or in the office, it has been created to make your Internet experience pleasurable for browsing and receiving emails.

Onspeed is the only true alternative to broadband - it comes at a fraction of the cost and without any of the problems attached to receiving a broadband connection.

Can I see a demo of ONSPEED?

Yes we have an interactive flash demo that can be viewed by clicking here. This will demonstrate what you will achieve and summarise the benefits of the ONSPEED service.

How much does ONSPEED cost?

ONSPEED costs just 24.99 / 34.99 Euros / $39.99 per annum that's the equivalent of just over 2 or $3 per month.

Who is behind ONSPEED?


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