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Not all of our Second Hand Computers and PC  Parts are included for sale on the Second User list. Please contact us if you are looking for any specific requirement you may have as our stock is constantly changing.

Second Hand Computers, Parts & Equipment

Due to our trade-in policy HCS often has Second User Computers, Second Hand Scanners, Printers, Monitors, Software and Various other parts and electronic equipment for sale Second Hand. We will be updating this on a regular basis so please check back from time to time. All parts are checked and in working order and prices Include Postage and Packaging for UK customers. See notes for further details!

All second hand hardware has been checked and is in full working order. From time-to-time we will list some new items of hardware that are end of ranges, or surplus to requirements.

Gigabyte GA-7n400 Pro2 motherboard Dual Bios with sata support and raid for AMD processors up to 3200 Ghz. All software, drivers and cables used one for testing 45.00


Gigabyte GA-7n400v motherboard Dual Bios with sata supprt for AMD processors up to 3200 Ghz. All software drivers and cables used one for testing. 38.00

PCMCIA 2 port Cardbus for USB 2 (New) 26.00

MSI motherboard KT4 Ultra supports up to xp2000+ USB 2 onboard sound with SPDF outlet (new) All software drivers and cables used one for testing. 28.00

AMD xp2000+ tower with 60gig H/D, 128megs of DDR RAM, CDRW 16x10x40x, 52 CD-rom, 56k v92 modem, 128 meg graphics Card, 'Mainboard' full size Motherboard with onboard sound. 270.00 Sold
Iomega Zip 100 internal IDE drive 25.95


6 Iomega Zip 100 meg Discs no bad sectors all in good order and cases 30.00

Nokia 6210 Mobile Wap Phone with PC Dat Cable and power supply, Vodafone or O2. 35.00

Tiny Intel Celeron 400 Tower only, 8gig H/D, 128megs Ram, 16meg Nviada Riva Graphics, 56 k US Robotics internal modem, Creative Sound Blaster PC164, 44 speed CD rom 100.00


Colour Pin-Hole Spy Camera. The smallest camera on the market.

See Further Details with photograph


Quick Shot GeneX 70 ultimate Joystick -new and boxed, end of range.

See Further Details


Trust Predator SV85 Joystick - new boxed, end of range

See Further Details


ISDN Internal Modem 25.00

SDRAM 64 megs PC100 14.00

Intel Pentium 4 2.80Ghz (CPU) Processor 40.00


AMD Athlon Thunderbird (CPU) Processor 850mhz Socket A 18.00


Compaq Desktop Motherboard 3 PCI and 3 ISA Expansion Slots Intel Chipset + intel Celeron (CPU) Processor and Heatsink. 19.00

Plasmon SCSI RF4100 External SCSI CD writer x2 Speed. Very Heavy stable bed and unit for reliable burn. note: little extra added here due to weight for postage 26.00


Epson GT6500 SCSI Scanner older model perhaps but a prince amongst flatbeds for quality of image. 50.00

HP Jet Direct network printer hub 13v DC (no power supply) 19.00

AGP ATI Rage IIC 8Meg Graphics Card 14.00

USB Web Cam (boxed) 14.00

Voodo2 12mb Graphics Accelerator (boxed) Pci  23.00

AT Full Tower 28.00

Various AT Cases 21.00 each

Various ATX Cases 28.00 each

Canon printer 27.00

Windows 95 Scanner 22.00

Western Digital 2 gig H/D 23.00

Segate 1.4 gig H/D 20.00 Sold
Segate 1.2 gig H/D 20.00

Maxtor 2 gig H/D 23.00

Quantum 400 meg H/D 19.00

IBM 256 meg H/D 16.00

Quantum 540meg H/D 19.00

Segate 261 meg H/D 16.00

Segate 170 meg H/D  16.00

Segate 450 meg H/D  19.00

Segate 350 Meg H/D  19.00


Floppy Drive 7.00

Duel printer switch box  13.00

Various old socket 7 processors  8.00 each

Network card 10/100 8.00

PCMCIA network Card with Cable 10/100 18.00

Quick shot Joy Stick 12.00

Iomega Jaz drive power supply 22.00

2 X 1gig Iomega Jaz Disks 10.00 

Super P5mma Socket 7 Motherboard ATX with USB 15.00

Various 4meg 72pin edo sims 13.00 a pair

Various 8meg 72pin edo sims 16.00 a pair

PCMCIA 14.4 Modem Compaq Type II (needs cable) 8.00

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