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"Download Skype & Talk to people world wide for free"

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Huntly Computer Services is not responsible for any of the support on the Software or Service programs that are downloaded from the HCS Download Centre. Support is the responsibility of the software developer and in most cases can be found via their individual websites.

However when possible and if required we will give help and advice on what is best for your particular PC or Computer System and what may fit your requirements best.

Use Skype today and speak to your friends Free.

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VOIP (voice over IP) the way forward in Telephone Communication.

Download & Skype your Friends for Free!

Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. Itís free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers.

We at Huntly Computer Services have been using Skype internet Telephony services for over a year, talking to friends and family here in the UK and friends overseas. In business we use it to keep in touch with colleagues, either in other offices or on the road via their laptop and  conference calling is an added benefit to us and best of all (HCS being a Scottish Company) it is Free.

Visit skype download or learn more about their other services

Skype is so good and clear it is like having the person sitting right next to you in the room. You can also send files and images securely to one another and there is also a text facility and many other features all to download Free.

On the occasions we have had to call others nationally or internationally to a land line or mobile we have found Skype pricing hard to beat for their call rates.

In our opinion Skype is revolutionising telecommunications and they already have in excess of 152 million users world wide. In this day and age when most people can have their computer on 24/7, we think Skype Pc to PC is a must and this in conjunction with their other services makes them a world leader.


Pickup calls on your computer, wherever you go around the world, with a SkypeIn

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Call normal phones from your computer, call anywhere in the world for local rates and LESS.

Receive calls via your computer and get free voicemail

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You are here: Skype Download