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Huntly Computer Services is not responsible for any of the support on the Software or Service programs that are downloaded from the HCS Download Centre. Support is the responsibility of the software developer and in most cases can be found via their individual websites.

However when possible and if required we will give help and advice on what is best for your particular PC or Computer System and what may fit your requirements best.

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Password Manager

Steganos Privacy Suite, Internet Anonymus and Password Protection.

Steganos, Germany and UK is an expert on encryption and anonymization software, is now offering Steganos Privacy Suite™ Mobile, the data protection power package for smart phones & co. just in time for CeBIT. The privacy suite quickly, safely and comprehensively protects all critical and private data including passwords and e-mails. Bluetooth PhoneLock™ provides extra protection against...

Steganos Internet and PC Security

Privacy Suite


Steganos Privacy Suite™ 2008

  • Steganos Safe™: Locks all of your data in a virtual safe. Store photos, music, documents, movies, and more.

  • Steganos Password Manager™: Secures, organizes and administers all of your passwords and user names.

  • Steganos Shredder™: Shreds unwanted data – permanently and unrecoverable.

  • Plus: Email and web favorites encryption functions, automatic internet trace destructor, Steganographie and Steganos AntiTheft™  takes data security to a whole new level of protection.

Complement your firewall and antivirus software with a first-rate data protection system.

Steganos Internet Anonym™ VPN

  • Prevents digital eavesdropping and data interception from providers and hackers using VPN technology (Virtual Private Network) and an SSL-encrypted connection to the Internet.

  • Secures your traffic with an encrypted VPN connection, letting you use public hot spots with confidence.

  • Allows anonymous file sharing for authorized peer-to-peer file sharing networks.

  • Cloaks your movement on the web with just one click. Convenient prepaid system and a visual usage meter ensures cost and time control.

Steganos Internet Security.

Steganos Internet Security protects you quickly, securely and permanently in several areas: The virus database is updated regularly to ensure your being protected permanently against viruses.

Annoying adware and dangerous spyware are detected and destroyed: This means you are protected against identity theft.

Dangerous rootkits are automatically detected and removed.

Hacker attacks from the Internet are repelled and the complete data traffic between your computer and the Internet is controlled permanently by the integrated firewall.

While you surf the net, Web Shield checks if websites may contain malicious code and warns you. Works for Instant Messaging, too!

Spam and phishing mails.

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