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Small Businesses need exposure don't disregard the Internet

Internet Disregarded by Most Small Businesses! - Exposure

By Henry Vowels

The exposure for a business can increase dramatically by implementing a website. Obviously with a web presence the business information is available to anyone on the internet who wants to access it. The number of people who do depends on the site promotion. Site promotion can be broken down into two main categories, online and off line.

Online promotion can be very profitable. The local, national, and world market can be reached. The internet is the largest market in the world.

 The trick is to get those prospects to the site. Traditional online promotion is by advertising and search engine listings. These will get results however they require time, effort and money. Markets can be very competitive and costly to penetrate. The potential is tremendous but results will only come through concentrated effort, expert guidance and time. Before undertaking a campaign one should be well versed in the price that must be paid.

Off line promotion can cost little and be very effective. The business web hosting company will host the site online. Anyone who knows the web address of the company can take advantage of the information on the website. All company literature, brochures, invoices, business cards and any advertisements should have the web address listed. Existing customers should be able to easily obtain the site address from correspondence they receive. New prospects and new customers should have the same information. Any advertising source that is being used should include the web address. These changes can be done over time and incorporated with the next publishing of any company material or advertisement. The expense will be minimal. The results can be substantial.

Existing customersí exposure to the business can be greatly increased through the website. They may go to the site seeking information about such things as product description, pricing, shipping costs or any number of inquiries. It may be to gather contact information, business hours and etc. whatever the reason it is continual exposure to the company and what is offered the whole time they are at the site.

Word of mouth promotion is always the best and with a website, it is even better. Anyone interested in the company can find information about it instantly online. Here is an example. A satisfied customer is relaying the good service that was provider by the company employees to a friend. The friend is given the web address and goes to the website looks around and decides to place an order. No trip to the establishment was necessary no phone call was made. The website processed the order and no one from the company was present. The main point here is the exposure was generated effectively with results and little added expense.

Anyone anywhere with interest in the company and internet access can obtain company information through the website. This exposes the company to prospects in ways that previously would have been nonexistent. Exposure can be timely before interest is lost or forgotten. Detailed questions can be answered without a word being spoken. Transactions can be finalized when the buying decision is made. The website also increases exposure by expanding the window of time that information is available to 24 hours a day 7 days a week

The internet is a great source to gain added company exposure. A reliable business web hosting company will provide a website with consistent web presence and customer access. The benefits will soon be apparent as more prospects are presented with information about the company and the opportunity to attain what they want.

(c) Copyright 2005 Henry Vowels. All rights reserved.


About The Author

Henry Vowels
Management Coordinator

Henry Vowels has a B.S. in Business and has been a small business owner for over 25 years and more recently became involved in the web hosting industry.

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