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Add Voice to you ebay auction and talk the buyer through

Ebay Selling - Adding Auction Audio Gives you the Edge you are Looking For

By Jane B. Clark

Online auction sales have grown wildly each year, and the undisputed industry champion is eBay. Selling merchandise on eBay is simple and profitable.

In fact, it is so simple to sell on ebay, the competition gets fiercer every single day. So how do you get the competitive edge?

48% of all auction visitors only spend 10 seconds looking at an auction. How are you going to get them excited about you as a seller? How are you going to get them to stay longer and actually read all the details of your auction? Adding audio to your auction is the best auction tool since bread met butter. You can sign up for an auction audio service that is as simple as picking up the phone and recording your message.

Do you have to make a new recording for every single auction? If you are selling vehicles on ebay Motors, the answer is absolutely, you have to give a verbal walk around to cinch the sale at a great price. If you are selling wine glasses, jeans, or a digital camera, the answer is no, you don’t have to have a different audio message for every single auction.

You can make a customer service recording and use it over and over. Every ebay buyer wants to know if you are a trustworthy seller. They want to know when their item will be shipped. They want to know if you are friendly. They want to know if you welcome questions and when they will be answered. Basically, they want to know what sets you apart from other sellers. Adding your seller’s voice will let them know right away what sets you apart without making them read about it.

Now you can get those wonderful ebay shoppers to spend more than 10 seconds reading your details, looking at your pictures, and BIDDING on your auction. NOW you are doing business on ebay.

What is the added bonus to using an auction audio service? A large percentage of your buyers are sellers. They will take note of your audio and increased bidders, click on the audio link and sign up to put it on their auctions, as well. Voila! You have just made a second tier sale.

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About The Author

Jane B. Clark trains people in buying and selling on ebay. She also advises car dealers on ebay Motors listing and marketing techniques.

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You are here: Increase Sales with Audio Marketing on ebay