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Give your Products a free book and earn Money

eBooks: Make Money With Free eBooks

By Radhika Venkata

The whole idea of creating an ebook is to earn money from it. Either directly or indirectly.

Directly by keeping information in it that is useful to others and you can sell it as an educational or informative product.

Indirectly you can earn money on your ebooks by giving them away free.

How is this useful to you?

Here are few methods of earning income with your free ebooks:

1. If you have products create an ebook with your products and give it away free:

Give information along with your product links. For example, if you are selling gardening tools, give information on gardening tips and resources and then keep links to your tool kits. People who are interested in gardening, download your ebook and see the tools links. Their will be fair chances of clicking on your links and buying them.

Keep the pictures of your products.

Keep order links in your ebook itself if you want. This makes easy for them to buy your products. Give these ebooks to freeware sites, so anybody can download your ebooks.

2. If you are an affiliate you can keep your affliate links:

If you are selling gardening tools as an affiliate, you can tell few things about like, how to choose the perfect tools for your garden, precautions to take with children, how to maintain the tools etc.

3. You can sell your ebook ad space:

Your charge depends on how useful your free ebook is and how famous you are. (just kidding...)

Yes...Free ebooks spread like a fire. People love to download them.

4. Give free ebooks in return to email addresses of your visitors:

This is your opt-in list. So follow up them with your product information and offers. This email marketing is extremely useful to your online business.

You can also include your subscription form code in ebook. So if pewople downloaded your free ebook elsewhere can subscribe to your ezine or free ecourse.

5. Give special offers and discounts through your free ebook specific links:

Tell your visitors that they will going to get your product for half price or what ever you like in your ebook sales links.

6. Participate in joint ventures with other ebook publishers or authors:

You can keep your product links in their free ebooks and in return they will get the oppurtunity to keep their ad in your free ebook.


Radhika Venkata (c)

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