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Long before I entered the world of IT, website design and ecommerce their was two very significant little phrases that stuck in my head working in Sales & Marketing. 'KISS' (Keep it Simple Stupid) and 'tell them the time, not how the watch works' and over 30 years further down the line how important those two little phrases have become.

Are Businesses who have a website and are considering an ecommerce (eBusiness) solution really interested in all the intricacies of how it all works? Some are but most are not, that's our job. Our job is helping businesses find the correct secure online ecommerce solution that suits their needs and works for them.

What most Businesses want in ecommerce is an easy to maintain seamless solution that allows the customers to purchase there goods or services at one end and receive payment at the other with the minimum of fuss and our job

eCommerce soltions for you Website or Business dosen't have to be complicated

is to make sure it all works for them with the minimum of cost.

Huntly Computer Services will do our job and help you integrate or create an ecommerce solution for your business contact us for friendly advice.


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You are here: eCommerce Solutions online trading