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eCourses targeted email Marketing for best success

eCourses: Promoting Your Product? Offer a Free eCourse From Your Website

By Radhika Venkata

What is an ecourse?

Ecourse is a series of emails sent to the subscribers at a specified interval. This can be achieved by a follow up autoresponder software that can be loaded with email messages and it sends the messages at specified intervals.

Tips in creating an ecourse:

1. Make your ecourse short like 5 - 10 messages. Too many messages makes the subscriber lose his focus. If possible keep links to previous email messages.

2. Divide the topic in to 5 - 10 subtopics. Example if you are sending a search engine optimization course, then you can divide your topic like:

= Day 1: Search engine friendly urls
= Day 2: Linking from and within your website
= Day 3: Keywords and Metatags
= Day 4: How and where to put content
= And so on....

3. Make a template for the ecourse. So you can just keep content to save it as day1, day2 etc. Put subscriber info on top like his email, ip, date he subscribed etc. This way you will be saved from accusations of spam.

4. ALWAYS give some good advice or useful content or tips through your ecourse. This develops your credibility. People think that you know your stuff.

5. Keep your resource box at the end of each message. Provide a discount for people who read your ecourse. Put some encouraging words like "Want to get hold of 'this really works' and 'proven' secrets of search engine optimization?" ... "20 times of this ecourse for a meager $39.95?" in your resource box.

6. Load them in to your follow up autoresponder at 1 or 2 day interval. Don't put too much gap between the messages. Subscribe yourself or if your autoresponder software has an ability to send the all messages to you atonce and check all the links, format and layout looks OK.

7. Last but not least is, select the topic for the ecourse that is RELATED to your product or service. If you are selling your search engine optimization service, write an ecourse about 'Tips on listed in internet directories like dmoz.' or 'Secrets of Google search results.' etc. So this gives you chance to put your product link in the resourcebox.


Radhika Venkata (c)

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