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"Google's toolbar a useful sales & marketing aid"

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Track your page Ranking with the Google Toolbar

Google's Toolbar And Your Affiliate Site

By Karen Kari 

You no longer have to be on the Google site to access the Google toolbar. Your site visitors can download the Toolbar and have a search box, connected to their browser, so they can find whatever they want on the web – at any time when they’re on your site or any other.

Among its many features are an automatic spellchecker that detects and corrects typos made in online forms,

and autolink that creates a link to an online map from an address on a web page. Other features include the translation of words on English language web pages to another language, the highlighting of search terms, and the great favorite of those who don’t use them for marketing – a pop-up blocker.

Affiliate sites need to consider how their visitors may use their site differently if they have loaded the toolbar. For instance, should you have more information and product direct links so visitors will only be one back click away from your site? It’s also incentive to do better in the Google search engine, because a feature called Page Rank Display tells the visitor how Google ranks the importance of the page they’re on – your site!

A feature of the Toolbar that may make sense for affiliate site visitors is autofill. To use this feature, the site visitor enters all his contact and credit card information into a password protected area only once, and uses the autofill to populate shopping cards of online merchants. And the SpellCheck feature of the Toolbar finds and corrects spelling mistakes whenever the user types into web forms, including discussion forums. Suggesting it to your bloggers would be a way increase readability!

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You are here: Google's toolbar and Search Engine Ranking