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"New to the Internet and thinking of an Online Business Venture"

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Starting your first Internet Business

A Business Guide For The Very New Internet Entrepreneur

by: Francisco Aloy

Did you recently buy your first computer and just started surfing the Net? Isn't it fun? All the new websites and places to go, sights to see! Have you ever wondered if you can make money with your newfound toy?

I think that thought is something that comes into the mind of all Newbie computer users. I mean, there's no way you can miss all the offers from the heap of self proclaimed "Gurus" selling you get-rich-quick plans and schemes! Nonetheless, people that started out just like you are making a good living on the Internet.

I know the constant assault of ads and all the new technology must be intimidating; some of it is still intimidates me! That's why I've decided to write the present article and make it as simple for a Newbie to understand the basics of Internet Marketing. Please follow me as I give you a guided tour.

The first thing you should do, is this:

Don't purchase anything, at all! The previous sentence is so important because the pressure to buy all the assorted plans and schemes is so great. Look at it this way: Since you just got here, how in the world are you gonna know what to buy for your first step onto Net marketing?

Give yourself some time to get to know the Web, join many of the good forums and newsletters available. Discuss items that will help elevate your general knowledge of the Web and Internet Marketing, in particular. After a few months things will start to sink in and you'll be mere Internet savvy!

While going to the forums and gaining experience, keep these questions twirling around in the back of your mind:

What kind of Internet business would make me happy?

What activity have I seen on the Web that I would love to do or be a part of?

Think about it for as long as what it takes and start coming up with a general business vision or inspiration. Don't think you need understand all the small details or particulars of the technology. All you need is a guiding vision and principle that will sustain you through the good and bad times.

Once you feel up par with many of the concepts talked about at the forums and you start getting the itch to jump in with both guns blazing, consider these very basic items:

1- You are going to need your own website! Don't get a free website because you want to establish your own identity. Furthermore, they don't offer any services for a true business website. This point is very important because your website isn't just a container that holds products you sell. Your website is your FIRST PRODUCT !!!

2- The thing you really need to fill your website with is:

---- CONTENT! -----

It is provided mainly by the written word coupled with images and audio. You are going to do a bunch of writing. The source of content ideas is limited only by your imagination. If you need help with it, farm it out.

3- OK, so you've got a website filled with content, how do you let the rest of the Web know you're open for business? Answer: PROMOTION! You must live with the constant idea of promoting your website. It's done mostly through writing. Post articles at the forums with a link in your resources box. Offer your website to the Search Engines and directories. Write small informative booklets with links back to your website and give them away for fr'ee (BTW, that's called "viral marketing")

Hot Tip: When creating a user name at the forums, use your company name! I received that tip today from Mike Merz, owner of

In closing I'm going to say the number of ideas presented within this article are just a few to let you know your own Web business is a viable idea! The ways to get visitors to your website are limitless. If you have vision, focus and determination you will succeed in Web Marketing.


About The Author

Francisco Aloy is the owner/creator of the Newbie Business Guide, for more articles go to:

(C) 2004 Francisco Aloy

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