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"Your road to a online marketing success avoid the mistakes"

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Deadly Online Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

By Hamad Kadmany

It seems like every time you turn your head today you'll find someone who's involved in online business. And indeed, ANYONE can profit online, providing that you learn to avoid the DEADLY online marketing mistakes you're about to discover in this very article...

It doesn't matter if you're an affiliate or you sell your own products, if you're serious to make substantial income online, you MUST learn to avoid these FATAL marketing mistakes by applying the POWERFUL online marketing techniques you're about to discover. So here we go...

Deadly Mistake #1: Not Addressing Your Target Market

This is essential in every aspect of your business promotion, it is reflected in your ads, your advertising techniques, your website's copy, your follow-up, etc.

If your ads are NOT addressing your target market, you might get lots of traffic, but too few sales, because those who click-through your ad did NOT have a clear idea what you're offering and whether it answers their needs.

You might be telling yourself that lots of traffic sounds a pretty good deal anyway...

No it's NOT...

Think of pay-per-click search engines, getting lots of traffic from them means getting lots of clicks, which means you're paying MORE. Providing that those clicks didn't come from your target market, because your ad didn't convey a clear message about your offer, you're blowing your money away!

This is true also for other kinds of promotions. Would you publish an ad for your online business in a high traffic, well-known website BUT doesn't relate to yours?

You are loosing lots of money by doing so!

Deadly Mistake #2: No Killer Sales Copy

A very wide online marketers complaint: "I have lots of traffic, but too few sales". So you use pay-per-click search engines, you buy ads in ezines, which are two great ways to get targeted traffic, but those who visit your website leave as fast as they come, eventually, you're loosing money.

Most online businesses fall into one major module - "The Killer Sales Copy Module". Your main page MUST contain a killer sales copy that converts hits into actual SALES.

You website's sales copy plays a big role in your sales conversion ratio, it can make OR break your online business.

Deadly Mistake #3: No Tracking

For ANY marketing campaign you'll ever run, you MUST track how well your ads are pulling, or you're just "shooting in the dark" hopping "it will work", losing time AND money.

By tracking you'll know how compelling your ads or your sales copy are, which ezines or websites are worth your time and money and which are NOT, etc.

Deadly Mistake #4: No Follow-up

Those who reach your website, might not be eager to buy from you immediately, for lots of reasons you can think of...

But once the time comes, your product should be right in front of them. This can be done by following-up...

Grab your visitors' emails, build your mailing list, and follow-up providing more information about your products, benefits, incentives, and special offers. You'll also be able to sell other products to existing customers (your backend market).

Deadly Mistake #5: Not Analyzing Your Keywords

Knowing the right keywords, those that relate to your target market, can make you a fortune...

Bidding on the right keywords in pay-per-click search engines, can saves you lots of money. Instead of paying dollars (!) per click you would be paying couple of cents.

Embedding the right keywords in your website's content, your articles, reports, etc. can get you a higher search engines ranking.

Deadly Mistake #6: Not Utilizing The Real Power of Internet

The REAL power of the internet is... "Automation".

Automation is a VERY important word. Utilizing it, your business will work for YOU 24/7, you'll be able to follow-up with customers, visitors, sell backend products and make more sales automatically! Otherwise, you'll work VERY hard to make online.

To automate your business you need proper tools like autoresponders, ad trackers, etc. These will allow you to put your online business on auto-pilot.

So there you have it, avoid those online marketing mistakes, apply those online marketing techniques, and make no mistake about it, you'll be on a straight path to succeed online!

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About The Author

Hamad Kadmany makes it easy for anyone to succeed online by providing techniques, strategies and hot tips. Discover the essential keys to succeed online by claiming his free report at: or find out why so many have found their ideal business with Hamad today by visiting the Online Business Know-How website.

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