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"email marketing starts the viral spread"

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Viral Marketing - what is it?

Viral Marketing Made Easy

By Cathy Stucker

#You may have heard about "viral marketing," but perhaps you are not sure exactly what it is. Viral marketing simply means using a marketing strategy that is designed to encourage people to pass along your marketing message.

Many Web marketers are using games or short Flash movies to encourage people to visit their Web sites and tell all their friends to come, too. During the 2004 U.S. Presidential election, the clever animation of Bush and Kerry singing "This Land is Your Land" drew massive numbers of visitors to

Some book publishers have started offering online trailers, with a preview of the book, at their Web sites. For an example, see Book trailers are usually Flash movies that may combine author comments with visuals and music. They are often similar to the movie trailers you see for coming attractions.

Viral marketing is usually spread via email, and it may be contained in an email. For example, a clever "Top Ten" list, a touching story or a funny photo will be forwarded from person to person.

How can you put this to work for you? Look for something you can offer that people will pass along to their friends. It should not be a purely commercial message, it must also include utility, information or entertainment to interest people enough to forward it to their friends.

Send your viral message to your mailing list, and encourage them to pass it along to the people they know.

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About The Author

Copyright Cathy Stucker. As the IdeaLady, Cathy Stucker helps authors, entrepreneurs and professionals attract customers and make themselves famous. See the viral marketing tools Cathy uses and download your free desktop calendar at

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