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OnPage Search Engine Optimization Techniques

By Charity Adams

Email Marketing is the king of advertising in online marketing but the effect of spam filters and volume emailers has certainly put a damper on the reach it once had. This has forced online marketers to reach deep and learn new methods of online marketing. Search Engine Optimization has moved to the forefront of many online marketers advertising plans.

Search Engine Optimization is the art of designing your web pages to be ranked high by search engines for keywords that you target.

There are several methods and they vary from Search Engine to Search Engine. One aspect of Search Engine Optimization relays heavily on the On page Optimization.

Onpage Optimization deals with the placement of keywords on the page, the header tags, the appearance of the keywords and the use of keywords in the meta and alt tags on the page. Below are some tips on OnPage optimization that I have picked up and used in my own web sites.

Step1: Select a page title that only includes your keywords.

Step 2: Use Header Tags to emphasize the keywords you have selected. Use your number 1 keyword in the {H1} tag and secondary keywords in your {H2} header tags.

Step 3: Write solid content that naturally includes your main and your secondary keywords throughout the text. If possible use your first keyword as near the top of the content and as close to the bottom of the content as possible.

Step 4: Once the content is complete go through and randomly bold, italicize and underline the main and secondary keywords.

Step 5: Be sure to use your keywords in the alt tags of your images.

As a guide you might do a search for you main keyword in Google. View the page and the source code of the page to see what OnPage Optimization that webmaster did to get a top rank.

While OnPage Optimization can be a significant reason why your web site ranks well in the search engine there are several other key factors like, page content, link popularity, site indexing and competition.

Search Engine Optimization is an equal opportunity marketing practice. If you are diligent you can create a flood of prime targeted.

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About The Author

Charity Adams, CEO Mom is a 8 year veteran of online marketing and lead generation. For more information on Search Engine Optimization pick up our free Ebook at http://adamsacres.com/seo

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