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Your Website is Your Business make sure it reflects it

Updating Your Website and Adding Fresh Content

By Lata Tokhi

Your website is your 'online' business office and it needs to reflect all changes and additions immediately. In addition to all official news, additions and changes, you also need to keep adding fresh and wholesome content to your website to attract visitors and make the website more appealing to them.

Updating Your Website

Every time you add a new product, set up a joint venture with a new firm, start a new service, send out a press release or make any change in your business terms and policies, it should reflect on your website immediately.

Keep your website free of stale content. If you have posted on your index page a special holiday discount for Christmas 2004 and are lazy to remove it long after Christmas is over, your visitors might not place any orders when they see the same discount being displayed in March 2005 thinking that you are either out of that business or not prompt enough. Don't give them such an idea. Always keep your website updated with fresh and recent news.

Adding Fresh Content

Your website needs to have some informative and/or entertaining content as well. For e.g. if you are a website designer, some really useful articles for webmasters will certainly bring in more visitors. But the articles will grow stale after some time. Visitors like to see new and fresh content added every time they visit your website. So, keep adding fresh content that will bring back your visitors again and again to your website.

Adding content need not be done on a daily basis. You can choose to add fresh content weekly or monthly or whenever you come across suitable content. But make sure to this on a regular basis.

Managing Links

Add link exchanges as soon as you have approved if the websites are worth linking to. Keep your 'Links' page organized and free of broken links. Check all the links on your links page regularly to see if there are any dead links (links that do not work) and also verify whether your link partners are actually linking back to you.



About The Author

Lata Tokhi is a successful website publisher with a network of popular websites. She shares her internet success secrets with you at

Visit some of her other popular websites at, a Home & Lifestyle website and an online community and, a complete Holiday portal.

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